NOTE: This is the 2020 version of the course site, which is no longer updated. The 2021 version can be found at https://yorksyntax2021.commons.gc.cuny.edu.

Welcome to the course site for ENG 270 at York College / CUNY. This site will host free and open-access resources for students in the course (and maybe in other courses) to explore and collaboratively construct an understanding of syntax and grammar in English language varieties.

If you are an ENG 270 student at York, here are the instructions for using hypothes.is to annotate texts on this site:

In the upper-right of each page on this site (including this one), you should see several icons: a left-arrow [ < ], an eye, and a word bubble.

1. Click on the arrow to pull out the editing tab. Click ‘SIGN UP’ to make an account.

2. Create a username (preferably your real name, but that’s not required) and sign up. You’ll be asked to confirm your account by clicking on a link e-mailed to you.

3. Return to the text or page, open the hypothes.is sidebar, and click ‘SIGN IN’

4. Read through the text before deciding where to make your annotations.

5. Once you are ready to annotate a passage, highlight the passage. A bubble will pop up with an ‘annotate’ icon and a ‘highlight’ icon. Click the ‘annotate’ (word bubble) icon. Add your annotation, and click on ‘Post to Public.’

When you’re done, you can close the window, and your annotations will be saved.